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Workshop Office

Without detailed planning and co-ordination, the efforts of any business would be undone. The same is true of a World Rally team. Getting ready for an event requires months of careful preparation with our Workshop Office at the very heart of the action.

The Workshop acts as the central hub for many departments in our team, the place where everything comes together to get our cars ready for events.

It is a conduit, of sorts, touching on other areas in the company from HR and logistics to engineering and purchase. It is a department that requires flawless organisational skills, flexibility, a general knowledge for our entire rally operation, and the human touch!

Our Workshop Office colleagues take a lead in creating the schedule of building our rally cars. From the earliest stages, liaising closely with our engineering team, they develop a three-month plan from which all related departments have to work.

The schedule details the complete production process for the car, with key deadlines, such as engine and transmission implementation, to make sure all vehicles are ready on time for rallies and tests.

This process incorporates carrying out the mandatory TÜV certification and documentation for our rally cars, as well as servicing and repairs for our fleet of workshop vehicles.

Working with our logistics colleagues, those in the Workshop Office have the complex job of getting everything wherever it needs to be in the world. Organising customs clearance and documentation for overseas events enables us to be ready to rally even as far away from our Alzenau base as Coffs Harbour in Australia, for example.

Parts co-ordination is another vital role, dealing closely with Engineering for release of parts, and Purchase for ordering.

The environment can often be noisy and requires focus and attention even when our rally engines are being fired up. It offers a convivial atmosphere with staff welfare a priority.

With tight schedules, our Workshop Office colleagues are in constant contact with the HR team to ensure staff holidays are well co-ordinated, with everyone’s personal needs considered. It’s a 24/7 responsibility.

There is little rest during the year. Even once Rally Australia is complete in November, attention turns immediately to the next season. There is always something happening in the Workshop Office. It is almost like our very own mission control!


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