Powerball Stage

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Do you have the pace and precision to match our rally crews? Put your skills to the test in our Powerball Stage game for the chance to win some special prizes.

Help our rally driver to direct the balls to match groups of three or more of the same colour. The longer your chains and the better your chain reactions, the higher your score. Simple. Just make sure you catch them all before they fall!

Make your way through the three levels for a chance to make the top-ten. Like our crews on the rally stages, make sure you find the best angles to be most competitive on the Powerball Stage.

Winners will be chosen randomly from those in the top-ten.

Top prize: Collection of exclusive Hyundai Motorsport Yearbooks 1-4 (2014-2017)
2nd prize: Hyundai Motorsport Yearbook 4 (2017) and a model car
3rd prize: Hyundai Motorsport Yearbook 4 (2017)

Competition runs from February 21 to February 26 at 11:59 (am, CET) Good luck!

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