Hyundai i20 R5


Our HMDP crew are competing in selected rounds of the 2018 WRC2 class with the latest specification of our i20 R5, complete with special livery.

The HMDP logo appears prominently on the front, side and rear of the car, with a design inspired by our company’s colour palette of dark blue, light blue and accents of red.

Full technical specifications can be found in the R5 car section of our website.

The car is being run on behalf of our team by Sarrazin Motorsport, led by experienced driver Stéphane Sarrazin, who has himself had first-hand knowledge of the car. They will receive support also from our Customer Racing colleagues, who will be on hand with advice and expertise whenever needed.

All of this will combine to act a genuine asset to our HMDP crew, Jari and Antti, as they battle it out on the WRC2 stages in 2018.

ng-i20-r5-03 ng-i20-r5-022