Andrea Adamo

23 March 2017

With our recently announced TCR and expanding R5 activities, it is the perfect time to introduce our Customer Racing Manager, Andrea Adamo to you.

Andrea, what is the role of the Customer Racing department?

The main objective of our department is to increase Hyundai’s profile in global rallying. We do this by showcasing the brand to a wider audience than just those who can be reached solely through the World Rally Championship. To achieve this, we produce cars intended for sale directly to customers, who can then use them to compete in championships around the world.

What about you individually? What is the scope of your responsibility?

I make things happen! I liaise between the various departments which make up Customer Racing, ranging from the Sales Department to the Support Engineers to those in the Workshop. I do this to ensure that we are all working together to achieve the same goals.

How did you first come into contact with motorsport?

My father worked in the industry, so it was an environment that my sister and I were surrounded by as we grew up. At around 14 years old, I decided that I wanted to be a motorsport engineer. So I kept studying and I attended Technical School before studying Engineering in Turin.

So how did it happen that you joined us at Hyundai Motorsport?

Motorsport is a small world. I had a few contacts here at Hyundai Motorsport that I had made from previous work and I was invited to come and interview here by some of them. It was just the right opportunity at exactly the right time for me. I had a lot of previous experience in Customer Racing, and I was looking a new challenge. In many respects I was turning over a new leaf in my life, and so the chance to be part of a brand new team seemed like a fitting project in which to involve myself.

You seem very passionate about the team. What exactly does it mean to you?

Right now it definitely means a lot. I have moved from my home country to be here in Germany as part of this great team. Hyundai Motorsport has become my family and our success is something that I really fight for every day.

Outside of the team, what do you like to do in your free time?

As soon as I have some free time I will let you know! No, seriously, outside of motorsport I really enjoy cycling, trekking and photography and I try to spend as much time doing these things as much as I possible can.

What’s been your proudest moment so far?

Seeing our R5 car make its competitive debut was a real highlight. We had set ourselves ambitious, tough targets with the R5 programme. The delivery of the first completed chassis to our customers was a very important milestone. It was the moment when we began to live up to our promise. There will be many more proud moments to come.