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PURE ETCR is a brand-new series that will showcase the high-performance electric technologies of leading car manufacturers in a never-before-seen format. An all-new challenge, PURE ETCR will offer motorsport fans a unique spectacle at every event as world-class drivers tackle iconic circuits in the first official electric touring car series.

PURE ETCR will retain the wheel-to-wheel action of touring car racing in its thrilling battles, as drivers go head-to-head to be crowned King or Queen of the Weekend. Our first-ever electric race car, the Veloster N ETCR, will aim to set the competitive benchmark from the very beginning of the inaugural season in 2021.

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PURE ETCR features an event format like no other. Cars compete in a number of short and sharp Battles in a bid to progress to the A Final and be crowned King or Queen of the Weekend. There are no energy-saving tactics needed; the cars are pushed to their limit to showcase their high-performance credentials.

Energy Station

This megastructure will be the heart of the PURE ETCR paddock. Cars will head to the Energy Station to re-charge after each session while fans gather round to watch. The hydrogen generators can bring the cars from 10% to 90% charge in just under an hour, so they will be ready to do battle again in no time.

Hot Zone

This is where drivers prepare for their Battles. They can witness the on-track duels of their rivals and teammates before they head straight to the Starting Gate for their own turn. The Hot Zone is located a short distance from the Starting Gate to ensure a quick turnover between Battles.

Starting Gate

PURE ETCR Battles will feature a completely unique starting procedure, with cars lined up side-by-side behind the supersized Starting Gate. Lights and panels will showcase the drivers and teams, counting down to the lights turning green. The gate then opens, unleashing the cars to fight wheel-to-wheel.


Each driver will have one Push-to-pass use in each Battle or Final, which will give them an extra energy boost to help facilitate an overtake on their rival.

Fightback Mode

A smaller power boost than Push-to-pass, Fightback Mode gives an overtaken driver the chance to try and regain their position.


Drivers are divided into their first Battles through a live draw which splits the field into groups of three. Manufacturers are kept apart deliberately for Battle 1, but they may face with each other further down the line.


Battles are short, sharp shoot-outs where drivers compete head-to-head in a bid to claim the best starting position for the Finals. Battles 1 and 2 are races that cover 8-10km, while Battle 3 is a one-lap time trial for each car. The result of each Battle determines how the driver progresses, with everyone coveting a place in Final A.


PURE ETCR events culminate in three Finals. Competed over 12-15km, it is the final chance to clinch the King or Queen of the Weekend crown. Only those in Final A can win it, with drivers in Finals B and C on a quest for Championship Points.

King or Queen of the Weekend

The King or Queen of the Weekend is the winner of Final A, and automatically the top-scoring driver of the event.

Championship Points

PURE ETCR drivers can compete for Championship Points in Battles and Finals. The six drivers in Final A are awarded 30-25-20-18-15-12 points. In Final B, this decreases to 10-9-8-7-6-5, while only the top four in Final C claim 4-3-2-1 points respectively.


A PURE ETCR Car is a four-or-five door production car, powered by a common power unit and battery pack supplied by Magalec Propulsion and Williams Advanced Engineering. The electric motor provides 300kW continuous power and a peak of 500kW at 1200rpm. The car is rear-wheel-drive with a single gear. The battery has a capacity of 65kW at 800v and can charge from 10% to 90% in less than an hour.


There are two main stresses on the PURE ETCR tyres: the car is between 30-40% heavier than a typical touring car, and the immediate power torque at the starting gate. To reduce the number of raw materials and transportation needed, a single-spec all-weather treaded tyre has been designed by Goodyear for the series.


PURE ETCR competes on a variety of tracks. Permanent tracks differ in the wear and tear of the tarmac surface, while street circuits may feature changes in grip between public roads and race-ready sections. Each circuit will pose a different challenge and features changes in elevation, corner configurations, speeds and run-off areas.


A lap is a single, complete rotation of a circuit. Cars will complete a varying number of laps in each PURE ETCR Battle; In Battles 1 and 2, cars will compete over a distance between 8-10km, while Battle 3 is a one-lap time trial to determine the starting positions of the finals.

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