Team Partners

Without the support of our partners, sponsors and suppliers we would not be able to go rallying. They play a pivotal role in helping us to develop all areas of our team operation. Read more about each of them here and the positive working relationship we share together.

Title Sponsors


Shell is an innovation-driven global group of energy and petrochemical companies with its headquarters in The Hague, the Netherlands. Shell employs 87,000 full-time employees and has a fuel retail network of around 43,000 service stations globally. Shell and Hyundai have been global partners since 2005, with a Global Aftermarket Agreement in place across 67 markets worldwide. As a reflection of the strength and depth of this association, Shell’s Technical Partnership and Co-Title Sponsorship with Hyundai Motorsport, renewed in 2017, aims to co-engineer a winning edge as it competes at the highest level of global rallying.

The World Rally Championship provides the ideal environment to showcase the quality of Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology – not only does the series travel to 13 countries, and provide a global platform to show case the performance of Shell products, it also challenges the cars to compete in some of the most extreme environments on the planet. The team drivers and Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC are asked to perform on everything from snow and ice, to gravel and asphalt, in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +40°C. The results and performance in conditions require reliable products that lubricate and protect the engine without a loss in power, and the Shell Helix Ultra Shell exclusively provide the team is formulated to minimise friction and combat engine wear.

The Hyundai Motorsport technicians and engineering team work closely with the Shell scientists on their oil requirements for use in competition, testing and development, benefitting from Shell’s experience and unrivalled research. The progress and performance of the team in four short years is evident, and since the introduction of Shell Helix Ultra motor oil with PurePlus Technology, Shell has helped Hyundai Motorsport develop an extra 1.5 horsepower, representing an average of six seconds advantage at the end of each rally. It is this same spirit of innovation and partnership that has made Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology the service fill choice for Hyundai road cars all around the world.

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Hyundai Mobis

Hyundai MOBIS (short for Mobile and System), was founded in 1977 as Hyundai Precision & Industries Corporation. In 2000, changing the company name to Hyundai MOBIS, it acquired the aftersales parts business from both Hyundai-Kia Motors, and has since established itself as the 6th auto parts manufacturer in the world as of 2016. It is now involved in the assembly of modules, production of core parts, automotive electronics, and environment friendly parts, and supply the A/S parts of H/KMC. It possesses and manages some 241,000 parts for 223 car models. The company has a global network around the world including 28 manufacturing and 24 logistics sites, with 5 R&D strongholds and 25,000 employees over 6 continents.

Keeping step with the growing trend for ‘smart cars’, Hyundai MOBIS maintains competitiveness in the design and production of advanced electronic control systems and is also stepping up the development of parts for ASV(Advanced Safety Vehicles). Hyundai MOBIS will continue to carry out ‘path breaking innovation’ in each field of business to go Global Top Tier.

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Premium Sponsors

Hyundai Steel

Since its initial establishment as an automoblie manufacturer, Hyundai Motor Group has evolved into a leading global player in such areas as vehicles, materials, part, finance, and logistics. Hyundai Steel, the backbone of the Group, has also grown, changing from the leading steel company through building of its own blast furnaces and integrated steelworks.

The completion of Hyundai Steel’s fullyintegrated steelworks means that the Hyundai Motor Group has developed the world’s very first fully integrated resources recycling business system, ranging from iron ore to finished vehicles to scrap steel and back again.

The largest steel resources recycling company in South Korea, Hyundai Steel is enhancing its competitiveness in the world market even further through its stable blast and electric arc furnace operations.

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Hyundai WIA

Hyundai WIA, established in 1976, is one of the world’s leading automotive parts maker. The company also produces machine tools and has attained the biggest market share in South Korea since the year 2000. Other business areas include heavy machineries, defense products and aircraft parts.

Hyundai WIA has built the foundation for the global automotive industry by producing various car parts such as engines, modules, turbo charger and C.V Joint and producing precision machine tools and FA Line.

Also, the company is actively responding to the new trends in automotive development and creating a new industrial society through continuous research and development on other fields. Hyundai WIA is now evolving into a world-class leading corporation, armed with innovation and a determination to build a better future for all.

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Official Suppliers


Since 1972, Sabelt has been synonymous with total safety in the car and racing world, as market leader in research, development and production of competition seat belts used around the world. In addition, it has a complete range of driver products that are FIA homologated, including, suits, helmets and gloves. Sabelt is the only company in Europe with its own high-spec laboratory capable of dynamic testing. HMSG cars are fitted with Sabelt seats, harness and steering wheels.

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Alpinestars is the world’s premier motorsport protection, apparel and footwear company with headquarters and R&D facilities in Los Angeles and Italy. A global racing development program in every major motorsports series around the globe ensures that Alpinestars provides the highest quality, track-tested, products incorporating the latest construction technologies and performance benefits for Hyundai’s WRC, their co-drivers and the team, alongside Alpinestars athletes in Formula 1, NASCAR, MotoGP and US Supercross. ‘One Goal. One Vision.’

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AMG International Events Suppliers is the company behind Hyundai Motorsport’s impressive service and hospitality structure, the Unit, which is used on all European rounds of the WRC season. AMG provides the design, assembling, dismantling, transports and on-site support required for each event. After four years of fruitful co-operation, AMG and Hyundai Motorsport decided to form an official technical partnership with the strategic aim of maintaining the benchmark of service environment in world rallying.

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Hyundai and Michelin: aiming for the top!

Hyundai Motorsport chose Michelin as its tyre partner to help it to achieve the ambitious objectives it set itself when it returned to the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) in association in 2014. Just six months later, the two partners claimed a resounding one-two finish at Rallye Deutschland.

The Michelin-equipped New Generation i20 WRC made its debut at the start of 2016 and collected victories in Argentina and Sardinia. When the sport switched to the latest generation of world rally cars at the beginning of 2017, the team continued with Michelin rubber. The Hyundai i20 Coupé WRC/Michelin went on to claim four victories and 12 podium finishes in the course of the season, and Hyundai Motorsport secured runner-up honours in the Manufacturers’ standings at the end of the year. Again in association with Michelin, Hyundai is targeting one place higher in 2018!

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