Inside the factory

A look behind the scenes.

Welcome to a behind-the-scenes tour of Hyundai Motorsport GmbH. Here you will find a short overview of our main departments. You can even delve deeper into each of them – from Design to Customer Racing – in their individual sub-areas.


This is the team that manages all the key business functions including finance, IT, HR, purchasing, general affairs and business development. The effectiveness of all these functions is critical to the smooth running of the company and each of them interfaces with every department in the business. From handling recruitment and maintaining the company culture in HR, to setting and managing budgets and payments in finance, this team underpins very other group. Without efficient procurement and reliable, secure IT systems, none of the other departments can function properly.

Customer Racing

Established in September 2015, our Customer Racing department exists to help us enhance Hyundai’s brand at global rally and racing events. Responsible for the design, development, build and sale of customer cars, it is a natural extension to our WRC activities. To show our commitment to delivering competitive cars, Customer Racing operates from a dedicated workshop with its own engineering, sales and PR structures. The New Generation i20 R5 represented the first fruits of the team’s work in 2016. In 2017, as the i20 R5 delivered success in rallies around the world, we also made our circuit racing debut with a brand new TCR vehicle, the i30 N TCR. After registering a victory in its maiden competitive event, the i30 N TCR has become a leading force in racing series, including the inaugural season of the World Touring Car Cup (WTCR).


Our i20 WRC is a purpose-built performance rally car with all key elements designed from scratch based around a road-going Hyundai i20. To meet the challenge of creating a rally-winning car, our design departments are divided into four groups: chassis, transmission, electronics and quality control. Each area optimises the design of the car within the WRC regulations. The ultimate goal is to provide a complete package that can be competitive on all types of surface in the Championship – from snow and ice, to gravel and tarmac. Once our design teams have worked their magic, our quality control specialists ensure that all components and systems meet the necessary specifications.


The engine is the beating heart of our WRC car. Our engine department is made up of around 20 people, whose responsibilities cover all aspects of designing, building and testing our power unit. It’s not a straightforward job to develop an engine that can cope with the rigours of WRC. From altitudes of up to 3,000m in Mexico to temperatures ranging from -30ºC in Sweden to 40ºC in Sardinia, our engine has to perform competitively and reliably in extreme conditions. As with the chassis, the engine has to comply with the FIA’s technical regulations, which determine development parameters. Once the engine is designed and built, we carry out endurance testing on our in-house dyno to make sure our crews are fully equipped to power around the WRC stages.


The primary objective of our logistics team is to get everything and everyone where they need to be – exactly when they need to be there. Sounds simple enough, but in reality it is a complex operation. All aspects of logistics for international WRC events need careful consideration, from booking flights and hotels to shipping cars, parts and equipment by air and sea. With 13 WRC events in a typical season, as well as development tests, pre-event tests and recces, there is never a quiet moment for our logistics department. Every single movement within our team is not only meticulously organised but also documented in a special schedule that acts as our indispensable guide to each event.

Marketing and PR

If you are a regular visitor to this website or if you keep up to date with our activities on social media, you will already be familiar with the work of marketing and PR. From fans to sponsors, guests to journalists, the focus of marketing and PR is to promote the Hyundai Motorsport name to audiences around the world. We want to share all our latest news, results and communicate in the most effective way possible. We also pay careful attention to our team identity, which is most prominently seen on our car livery, our crews’ overalls or the clothing we wear at events. We try to take an innovative approach to marketing and PR, as shown by our unique hospitality unit in the service park and a fresh approach to fan engagement.


The workshop is where the work of the entire team comes to life. It’s where our WRC cars are built, ready to be unleashed onto rally stages around the world. From planning and co-ordination to machining of parts, our workshop team is responsible for all cars. This includes vehicles for competition, development and pre-event tests, recce, as well as management of our stores. Our body shop creates a strong, light chassis that incorporates the FIA-required rollcage to protect driver and co-driver in the case of an accident. We then add transmission and sub-assemblies, including electrical and safety systems, engine and suspension. As soon as the tyres are put onto the cars, we load them onto the trucks along with spare parts ready to go rallying.

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