2021 PURE ETCR campaign announced

Our team will compete with the Veloster N ETCR

Our team will compete with the Veloster N ETCR

We are expanding our motorsport activities in 2021 to go racing with the Veloster N ETCR in the brand-new PURE ETCR series.

Our first-ever electric racing car was the star of the show at the championship’s official launch event in Copenhagen on October 9. The Veloster N ETCR arrived at the showcase in front of City Hall with lead test driver Augusto Farfus.

“I’m very proud of Hyundai Motorsport being one of the first manufacturers to rise to the challenge presented by the ETCR category and PURE ETCR,” said our Team Principal Andrea. “The evening in Copenhagen was a great event, not only for the series, but for us as one of the first manufacturers of a full PURE ETCR-spec car.”

The next milestone in the journey
For our first foray into electric powered racing, our engineers have consistently risen to meet the technical challenges. We began testing with a prototype design in September 2019 and the team has continued to develop the car throughout 2020.

“The Veloster N ETCR project was a big technical challenge for us as a company with the new technology, but the performance we have had in testing with the prototype car shows the capabilities we have,” added Andrea.

In September 2020, the Veloster N ETCR became the first car of its kind following the integration of the ETCR battery at Williams Advanced Engineering. Now the Veloster N ETCR is in its complete PURE ETCR specification, our team’s focus is to gain the experience and pace needed to compete for victories in 2021.

PURE ETCR will feature a unique format to motorsport: short, sharp knock-out Battle races with cars racing flat out. The fastest drivers progress through to the Final, and the winner is crowned King or Queen of the weekend.

“I’m looking forward to seeing our car racing in Pure ETCR,” concluded Andrea. “Everything about the design of the car and the technology involved is intended for high-performance. The concept for the race weekend format should definitely provide some exciting action when the competitive weekends begin next year.”


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