Debut test for Veloster N ETCR

Our new era of motorsport gets underway in Hungary

Our new era of motorsport gets underway in Hungary

The new Veloster N ETCR, our first-ever electric race car, has made its track debut during a two-day test at the Hungaroring circuit.

In a trouble-free session, our engineers were able to learn more about the chassis balance of the car around a circuit that is an established part of the FIA WTCR and TCR Europe calendars. We were able to start harnessing the power from the vehicle’s mid-mounted electric motor to maximise performance and efficiency.

“The first test for any new project is always a very important milestone, but with the Hyundai Veloster N ETCR it takes on greater significance,” said our Team Director Andrea.

Using expertise in Touring Car racing shown in the championship-winning i30 N TCR and Veloster N TCR, the aim is to produce a similarly strong all-round package for ETCR.

“We have shown with the i30 N TCR and Veloster N TCR that we can produce a very strong Touring Car, and we are eager to learn about this new package before the racing starts in 2020,” added Andrea.

The days in Hungary were only the start of an extensive testing program for the new car. Every system will be scrutinised and honed over the course of the development schedule to bring the strongest possible entry to the first ETCR grid.

Andrea said: “The next few months will be very busy – we essentially have two challenges; we have to develop the chassis, but also work to use the power from the batteries and motors effectively. However, with the testing schedule ahead I am confident that our engineers will be able to produce another race winning car.”

The project is expected to lay the foundations for a new pillar within our company as we expand into new technology that is increasingly relevant to Hyundai’s road-going range. The Veloster N ETCR will also help drive the development of future high-performance electric car designs.


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