Hive of activity

The world of WRC is one of close margins. Fractions-of-a-second can make a huge difference. The analysis of every detail, however small, could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

To help us in our quest for success during rally weekends, we operate from state-of-the-art engineering truck, which is located at the back of our service area. It is from here where our team engineers and management make all-important strategic decisions.

“It is paramount for any rally team to have efficient communication during an event,” explains our Team Manager Alain Penasse. “Our engineering truck gives us a home away from home.”

Standing at an imposing 6.5m high when fully opened, with a width of 3.85m and weighing 24 tons, the engineering truck is an impressive facility.

“We are limited by space in the service park,” adds Alain. “To have a functional engineering truck, alongside our equally functional service park unit, is a real asset to our team.”

The ground floor of the unit houses three car engineers, two engine engineers, two data engineers, as well as senior management and logistics colleagues. Adorned with screens that keep us up-to-date with live activity on the stages, it’s a mission control for our weekend operations.

Alain describes the team’s setup for a rally weekend: “During the event we are able to look at a lot of screens with tracking system for the cars. We can get updates roughly every five seconds when the car is moving on the stage and every thirty seconds on the road sections. We are not allowed to communicate directly with the crews during the stages. However, we do have radio contact with them at the end of each run, or mid-stage if they need our support.”

In case of anything going wrong during a stage, the management also has our PR team on hand on the second floor of the truck for any assistance. There is a room for our photo and videography teams, who create the stunning shots you see on our website and social media feeds. We also have a meeting room for more private discussions.

Back downstairs; at the end of the day’s rallying, our engineers pore over the wealth of data and information on their laptops to prepare for the next day. Our crews sit down to plan strategies and prepare for the next phase of the rally. It’s a hive of activity throughout the weekend – and where quick thinking and smart decisions can really transform our rally.


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