Stefan, what does your role as Director of PR and Marketing cover?
I manage an international team of experts heralding from several different disciplines within motorsport. We take care of brand exposure and experience, as well as both finding and managing sponsors and technical partners. The team has also worked to set up a well-established agency network, allowing us to manage all internal and external communications, as well as event experiences, on a worldwide scale.

Why is marketing and PR so important in motorsport?
Marketing and PR are crucial assets to any organisation. In motorsport, everything just operates at a much faster pace. It’s not just the speed of the cars on rally stages around the world; we also have to be fast in communicating to our stakeholders. We have to manage very different and complex target groups, such as internal audiences, promoters, fans, journalists, partners, sponsors and agencies.

What was your first exposure to motorsport?
I used to work as a technical trainer for a motorbike manufacturer. During this time, I often test bikes in different development phases. The next logical step was to become involved in competing on racetracks!

How did you come to work for Hyundai Motorsport?
I joined Hyundai Motor Europe when it was founded in 2001 and served in several positions, before being appointed as the Company Spokesperson. I became involved in the motorsport project at a very early stage. As a motorsports enthusiast (and former hobby racer), it was a great opportunity for me to contribute to building up this new company and help it take its first steps in the WRC business.

What does working at Hyundai Motorsport mean to you?
To continue enhancing and promoting the brand, ethos and products with the team, as well as firmly establishing Hyundai as one of the most relevant names in motorsport.

What has been your proudest moment?
There have been many milestones for our young organisation in the past years. It’s difficult to pick just one particularly proud achievement. Any time we unveil a new car to public is a special moment but just seeing how our team has evolved and established itself in such a short space of time gives me a great level of satisfaction.

What do you do in your free time?
Establishing a work-life balance is very important to me, as it allows me to refresh both mentally and physically. So when I do get some free time, I love to spend it with my family for travelling and yachting. Anyway, if time allows, I do still manage to find some time to spend on racetracks and classic car meetings as well.