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Restructure of Customer Racing department

Andrea Cisotti, Julien Moncet and Benoit Nogier with new roles

Andrea Cisotti, Julien Moncet and Benoit Nogier with new roles

Andrea Cisotti becomes Project Manager for Rally2 with Julien Moncet becoming Project Manager for Circuit Racing. Benoit Nogier joins Hyundai Motorsport to become the Customer Racing Manager with all three based at the team’s headquarters in Alzenau, Germany.

The changes will allow each, in their new role, to concentrate on a specific area. This will ensure an increased level of service to each of our customers, while supporting the growth of the Customer Racing department. Simultaneously the new structure will provide more focus for the technical development and engineering support crucial to the success of customer racing projects.

Benoit Nogier has previously been Commercial Manager in the customer racing affairs for Citroen Racing and Peugeot Sport and Customer Racing Manager at Renault Sport. There, he was responsible for multiple projects covering several disciplines in circuit racing (single seater and cup car racing), and rallying. He will co-ordinate the existing planning, sales and aftersales teams within the Customer Racing department to provide the highest level of support to Rally2 and TCR customers.

Andrea Cisotti is an experienced engineer in both circuit racing and rallying and has already been an important part of the technical development of the i20 N Rally2 in his work as Customer Racing Manager. In his new role, he will focus on the development and homologation of the rally cars with several major upgrades to the car already scheduled.

Julien Moncet has been part of Hyundai Motorsport since 2013. He has previously worked as the first engine project leader for the Customer Racing department, Engine Manager and Powertrain and Future Technology Manager. He also served as Deputy Team Principal during the 2022 season. He will now be responsible for overseeing the technical matters of the TCR project – including the Balance of Performance with the category owner.

The three men will work closely with one another, Andrea and Julien reporting to the Technical Director FX Demaison.

Hyundai Motorsport President and Team Principal Cyril Abiteboul said: “The Customer Racing department is a key element of the strategy of Hyundai in motorsport for the emotions that racing will always bring to the automotive world. As we look to the future in a very competitive and fast moving environment, we wanted to build on the foundations laid over the past eight years and leverage the accumulated experience of Benoit, Andrea and Julien to bring the operations to the next level in terms of quality and performance, ultimately for the satisfaction of our customers racing in our rally and circuit cars around the world.”

Hyundai Motorsport Customer Racing Manager Benoit Nogier said: “Hyundai Motorsport has created a Customer Racing department that has a good reputation in rallying and circuit racing. As the Customer Racing Manager my first job is keep this and build on what already exists, with the people working in the department and our relationships with customers. We can also start to define a strategy for the future of Hyundai Motorsport Customer Racing, to solidify our position in motorsport and give team and driver the confidence they need to become – or stay – as Hyundai Motorsport customers.”

Hyundai Motorsport Rally2 Project Manager Andrea Cisotti said: “As Customer Racing Manager I worked closely with many of our Hyundai i20 N Rally2 customers. From those meetings, and as an engineer myself I understand what they need from the package to be competitive. Now, especially, as we prepare upgrades for the i20 N Rally2 to be introduced during 2024, I can focus on delivering this to strengthen the reputation of the Hyundai Motorsport Customer Racing department among the rallying community.”

Hyundai Motorsport Circuit Racing Project Manager Julien Moncet said: “Hyundai Motorsport Customer Racing’s TCR project has been incredibly successful. I am lucky enough to have been involved at the start developing the engine for the Hyundai i30 N TCR and have seen the project grow and grow. Series such as the TCR World Tour and events like the Nürburgring 24 Hours are very important not only to Hyundai Motorsport but to Hyundai Motor Company globally. I am now responsible for continuing our winning record in both this year. I expect some challenges, and even a little pressure, but I know we are in a strong position to do just that.”


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