Ever wondered what makes a WRC crew such a potent partnership? We caught up with each of our driving duos to find out more about them as individuals and what makes them work so well as a team. Discover all about their careers so far, as well as their hobbies and highlights right here.

Thierry & Nicolas

Belgians Thierry and Nicolas are in their element when working together. “We are different, like fire and water,” says Thierry. “At the same time this makes us very complementary.” They are able to work perfectly in unison to get the best out of each other at all times. “Our biggest motivation is to enjoy what we do,” says Nicolas proudly. “We always shake hands and wish each other good luck before each stage.” When it comes to working on the car, they are able to co-operate just as harmoniously. “Nicolas gets all the parts ready, so I can just focus on the job in hand. We help each other.” So, what if their roles were reversed? “We’d be fast but we would not make it to the finish,” smiles Nicolas.

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Dani & Marc

Our Spanish crew Dani and Marc are proof that opposites attract when it comes to the perfect pairing. “We’re a good mix of characters,” says Marc. “We have a very positive relationship.” Dani is the quieter of the two, and remains as calm inside the car as he is when not driving. They both know where their respective strengths lie. “As co-driver, Marc is our lucky charm,” says Dani, “but if we were to swap positions, we wouldn’t get past the first corner!” Marc agrees: “Dani could do my job, not the other way round,” he laughs. “I’m only allowed to drive at the end of a busy test day when Dani is tired!”

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Hayden & John

Hayden and John are proud to fly the Kiwi flag in the WRC. When asked what differentiates them from their rivals: “We’re from New Zealand,” they both smile. “And we’re a good mix of young and old,” adds John. The age difference creates a positive chemistry between these two. Typical Kiwis, they have a relaxed nature and work well as a team. On the subject of rallies, they admit, “both of us are good at fixing the car”. But there’s only one man ever allowed to drive the WRC car: “I would not get in the car if John is driving”, laughs Hayden, “I’d be watching from the sidelines!”

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