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Sabelt – perfect seating

Since 2014, Sabelt and Hyundai have collaborated in the development of the Hyundai i20 WRC seats. The seats and their technology are Sabelt’s primary task of excellence today. It has been the choice of high performance, quality materials that has made them successful, amplified by the lightness of the components. Sabelt is becoming a specialist in the use and application of carbon fiber, the only material that holds the features to achieve Hyundai Motorsport’s goals in this area.

The new FIA 8862-2009 standard marked a new frontier and in many aspects, a new challenge. With the increase in passive safety, often the teams have remarked on the collateral knock-on effects due to the increase of weight. It is on this rough terrain that Sabelt has played its best cards, proposing a compliant seat for Hyundai with a total weight of only 7kg.

The new Sabelt for Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC seat, FIA 8862-2009 homologated, has been developed thanks to the collaboration of the Sabelt technical department alongside Hyundai Motorsport. It is a new generation seat with futuristic carbon shell for endurance as well as prepreg materials to increase impact resistance and energy absorption while maintaining record-breaking low weight.

External temperature and driving conditions of the driver are critical areas in which the FIA is working to improve safety. The back, lumbar area in contact with the seat is even more complex. It is thanks to ergonomic studies that Sabelt has provided a solution to include seatback holes allowing for hot air exchange to improve driver cooling. The result is a tailor-made seat developed to follow driver movements, exactly as Hyundai Motorsport’s drivers require.


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