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Started towards the end of 2015, in the space of just 18 months we established our credentials to an increasing number of clients around the world.
The work of the sales team has been integral to our success and without them we wouldn’t have built up the impressive list of high-level contacts we boast today.

Throughout our early days, it was down to a handful of individuals to be present on rallies, spreading the word initially about our R5 programme. They were tasked with the challenges of identifying potential customers and outlining our plans.

Our sales colleagues had to show that all cars would be quick and reliable on any surface, so, to help bring our vision to life prospects were invited to our Alzenau factory to see our ambition with their own eyes.
Working in sales is not always an easy task. It requires persistence, preparation and professionalism. The time pressure at the start of any project often requires a quick turnaround. The sales team is responsible for every element of the customer contract from start to finish, including car registration and handover.

Even after a car has been sold, the process is still not over. Word of mouth is key in the motorsport world, so we put the focus on excellent service for our customers.

The sales team are always on hand to help, whether at the factory or on-site. They are also responsible for spare parts, meaning their co-ordination with colleagues is essential to ensure that any request is followed up and fulfilled in a timely and efficient manner.

The one thing that will never change from the perspective of the sales team is customer service; it all comes down to maintaining a strong, professional relationship – something in which our sales team excels!


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Behind the scenes

Inside the factory

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