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Human Resources

Our Human Resources (HR) team is responsible for managing all people-related activities in our organisation. From recruitment to performance evaluations and even outlining the company working culture and ethos, HR has an important role within the company.

Human resources helped us to maintain our company ethos as we expanded from a handful of employees at the end of 2012 to a workforce of over 200 people today. It is their job to ensure that everyone remains moving in the same direction as the company continues to grow, whilst feeling happy and valued.

We as a company have employees from over 30 different countries, which is a huge asset and an interesting challenge at the same time. It is down to Human Resources to harvest the diverse nature of our staff to bring everyone together.

This task is made easier by HR’s continuous interaction with our other departments. Regular contact with managers and co-ordinators means that those within the team can get to know every individual working within the company. This ensures that all members of the team are satisfied with their role and the wider company environment.

The biggest difference between our organisation and other businesses is that we don’t have a particular product to sell. The HR team has to instill in our colleagues that the results of hard work are found in our rally results. Where other factories might rely on annual sales figures or turnover, we are looking at results on a rally-by-rally basis – a fast-changing environment.

Working in motorsport is an attractive proposition and as our presence has grown over the years, we have been receiving more applications from prospective employees. Our Human Resources have received CVs from people living locally to our Alzenau factory – to on-event at the rallies themselves. It makes us all proud that Hyundai Motorsport is such a desired place to work.


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