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Whether competing on gravel, tarmac or snow, on a street or a permanent circuit, our cars rely on versatile power delivery systems to meet the unique demands of each rally or race. The work of our Transmission colleagues keeps us moving through the gears wherever we are in the world.

Our team of specialists is tasked with guaranteeing the reliability and performance of the entire transmission system: gearbox with active central, front and rear mechanical differential, front and rear drive shafts, prop shaft and clutch.

It is a wide-spanning brief, with engineering and mechanics working closely together to cover a complete cycle from design to production, testing, feedback and back to design. Like in all areas of our Alzenau factory, only with strong communication between departments can our Transmission team work most efficiently and to the highest technical standards.

From the very start, close co-operation with engineering is of paramount importance. Each part of the transmission is checked thoroughly before it is used. It is critical to spot any cracks or pitting on parts to avoid that they are transferred onto the car and go on to cause a rally or race-ending issue.

Due to the nature of transmission, we require efficient communication and exchanges with the Engine Department at all times. Simultaneously, support from our Purchase colleagues ensures parts and components are available when needed. Once the gearbox is assembled, the Transmission team liaises with our car mechanics to get the system fitted onto the cars, all set for the next test, rally or race.

For testing, the Transmission mechanics prepare a sufficient number of spares in case there are any issues. Our on-site team can make any changes directly without compromising the test. Any problems are reported to engineering and together they investigate the problem.

Before a rally, a rollout takes place to check the functionality of all systems. The team has to work hard and methodically to make any final adjustments before the cars leave for an event.

Each season, teams must nominate a number of ‘linked’ rallies, where the same transmission is used. Special attention is required to prepare systems for such an intense sequence of events, as the gearbox seals are not allowed to be broken – added pressure that requires meticulous attention to detail.

At the rally itself, we always have one Transmission mechanic in charge of all cars. But it is a true team effort, with engineering playing a key role every step of the way.

Engineers and mechanics from our Transmission Department know how their detailed work can impact the performance of our cars out on the rally stages or race circuits. Even with the most powerful engine or competitive chassis, without a first-class transmission system we would be going nowhere fast.


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