Inside the factory

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The WRC Store at Hyundai Motorsport is a thriving hub of activity, containing the all the components needed for a championship-winning rally car. Our drivers and co-drivers expect no less than the best for their machines, and our team in Alzenau help deliver the results we all fight for.

The team consists of five people working to keep track of individual parts of our rally cars before they hit the stages all around the world. The two departments within the WRC Store are the Goods Receipt department and the Goods Issue department. Goods Receipt check the parts and book them into an online system. Goods Issue deliver then these parts to the Workshop. It is vital that this transition occurs seamlessly, to ensure deadlines are met and parts are exactly where they need to be before the cars depart for the next WRC event.

Alongside these key responsibilities, the store employees also monitor the statuses of parts in order to keep other departments in the loop which can include Workshop, Production Planning and Global Sourcing. The WRC Store works closely with them to discuss information from meeting and emails, share data and opinions and find the optimal solution to any issue they may face.

The degree of work the colleagues take on throughout the year can fluctuate. Intensity rises during the winter months with December being stock-take month and January requiring preparation for the upcoming season, which brings a whole new set of challenges. This challenging time of the year is tackled with the multi-functional roles and competence of our employees, they put their precise attention to detail and passion for performance to use in order to stay on top of their heavy workloads.

Hyundai Motorsport harnesses the most modern technology in order to keep the Store running efficiently, including the use of touchscreens to simplify the ordering process; the order is placed on the touchscreen and employees sort the requested item before it is delivered to the department. This increases the speed of the process due to the accuracy of the digital technology.

The WRC Store is the glue that holds our production teams together; without these colleagues the process of building our world-class rally cars would not be as smooth as it is – speed and precision are as key back home in the factory as they are out in the snow of Sweden or the fesh-fesh sand of Kenya.


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Behind the scenes

Inside the factory

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