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At the heart of all our activities at Hyundai Motorsport lies excellent customer service. Whether it is meeting internal deadlines for our colleagues or delivering the most competitive cars for our drivers to perform at their best, everything we do is made to measure.

Nowhere else is the ethos of quality service more apparent than in our Customer Racing Workshop. We established our customer activities in late 2015 with the birth of the New Generation i20 R5. Using technology and expertise from our WRC competition, the R5 car was the first platform for us to show our high-performance credentials to customers.

In contrast to the WRC Workshop, our Customer Racing mechanics have a different approach to operations. The WRC team is regularly in and out for rallies, working to specific event-based deadlines. However, the Customer Racing Workshop prepares cars according to incoming orders with a defined start and finish.

The main task of the mechanics is to build cars for our customers and hand them over for competition. Many components come fully prepared from the Subassembly department and the final cars are checked and signed off by our Engineers. The new customer receives the car with a full handover from Sales and the Engineers before they take it to the racetrack or a rally.

Similarly to WRC, working in the Customer Racing Workshop requires multiple skills and the ability to work well under pressure with precision. A full Rally2 build takes two mechanics around 14 days to complete, while a TCR car will take one week. This is largely due to the regulation type equipment in each type of class.

This talented group of mechanics can work their magic on any project, whether it be a new build from scratch or on-going maintenance of an R5 or TCR challenger. Thanks to their hard work, our customers have the tools they need to win events and titles around the world behind the wheel of our cars. They are well serviced by our colleagues in the Customer Racing Workshop!


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