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Like the central nervous system in the human body, each one of our Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC cars has an electronics system that is vital for its function. The minds behind over 3,000 metres of cable and sensors that make up the wiring loom as well as the software behind it are our colleagues in the Electronics Department.

To look after all aspects of this mammoth task, the team distributes its responsibilities into three different areas. The physical elements of the car including looms and sensors, then another group for data engineering, capture and analysis during rallies. Finally, there is also a group that looks after software, diagnostic tools and other very important elements such as the Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

Just like the human equivalent, our Electronics Department colleagues works with almost every other department involved to bring our cars to life – and keep them running optimally. On a day-to-day basis, they work closely with Workshop and Composites for car assembly, lights and light pods for night stages.

When it comes to development of new cars and Engine Dyno work, these teams work together to come up with creative ways to implement new ideas. This includes software maps and sensors or other devices to ensure the overall system works in sync. Some members also work with the Design Office to create new wiring looms.

In a rally car, the electronic system is an essential part of controlling modern engines. Without it, it is not possible to start, control and ensure proper analysis for future development. By developing proprietary software in-house, our innovative team can adapt the systems to provide exactly what information each department requires.

A small number of people from the team travel to events to monitor the systems and assist in analysing data. With a brand new car, this work is particularly crucial and if anything is amiss, they can catch it early on and rectify problems quickly.

Through careful attention to detail and strictly adhering to quality in all of their work, the Electronics team helps our i20 Coupe WRC to perform at its peak. You could say it’s all about keeping their fingers on the pulse.


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Inside the factory

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