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Freight and Truckloading

Even before our WRC cars take to the stages, they have already clocked up considerable mileage around the world as they move between events. Our Workshop Freight and Truckloading department is responsible for getting our cars – and all the team equipment and spare parts – from each rally or test to the next.

It is a role that thrives on precision and teamwork, like many of the other positions across Hyundai Motorsport. Our colleagues in this department require an extensive knowledge of the rally and motorsport business, as well as an understanding for the complexity of international logistics.

For that reason, everything in Workshop Freight and Truckloading begins with the creation of a detailed overview of requirements for the upcoming events. This involves important forward planning to know when and where parts and equipment need to be, and how they need to reach their end destination.

There are also additional elements to consider when shipping freight, such as customs restrictions and the transportation of dangerous goods. All special precautions need to be covered.

The department divides up responsibilities for tests and rallies, with sub-teams each having their own equipment and trucks. They have to prepare different volumes of freight depending on the type of event we are attending.

When we travel to international WRC rallies, we send around 12.5 tons of freight by air in addition to our usual containers. However, when we have the benefit of our trucks for rallies on European soil, we transport two or three times this amount.

Every item is essential in the running of our team on-site: from heavier items, such as the rally cars themselves, to spare parts, which are sourced from other departments like transmission and subassembly.

As soon as the trucks come back after a rally the cars are immediately removed for checks and repairs to begin. Our colleagues co-operate with other departments as well as within the workshop itself, to ensure the smoothest process possible.

There is a four to six-day turnaround time for the cars, so the work of the Freight and Truckloading staff, like in all areas of our company, has to be spot on. This is particularly important when we are moving from a tarmac to a gravel rally, or vice versa. Many parts need to be changed. It is a job that requires input and support from many departments in the company. Spare parts preparation is one key part of the daily routine that requires such close co-operation.

One representative from each area of the organisation works closely to make sure everything runs like clockwork. Precise timing is vital in all areas of our rally organisation. Thanks to the work our Freight and Truckloading colleagues, we are able to guarantee we have everything we need on-site and on time to win rallies.


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