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Nowadays, we are more dependent on digital infrastructure than ever before. This also applies to our entire rally operation. Thankfully, we are able to rely on support and expertise from our dedicated Information Technology (IT) department.

Our IT team is responsible for keeping us up and running at all times. With a workforce of over 200 colleagues across multiple departments, it is a hugely important responsibility.

Unlike traditional specialised computer operations our IT experts work across every single department in our company, making sure all our systems run harmoniously and securely.

Our IT team requires just the same fast, precise and methodical approach as our mechanics working to short-timed service intervals on the rally stages. They may not be present on-site during an event, but based remotely, their work is critical to our success.

It is their responsibility to make sure everything runs smoothly at the heart of our motorsport operation wherever our colleagues are in the world. If the systems were to go down, or if our engineers could not process critical data from our cars, it could mean the difference between a podium and retirement.

During a normal workday, difference between time-zones means there is also only a short period of time within which both our team in Alzenau and our Hyundai Motor Company colleagues in Korea are working simultaneously. Effective collaboration is important to ensure any wider system issues can be resolved and our team can keep moving forward.

A systematic approach has been engaged to effectively scale our operations from the ground floor up. IT has been involved every step of the way, since Hyundai Motorsport was founded with a handful of employees at the end of 2012 to the successful organisation that we are today.

From systems training and problem solving to hardware installation in our travelling engineering unit, the role of our IT department varies on a daily basis. Most importantly, they keep us up and running around the world and help us work towards our (cut ‘ultimate’) goals in the World Rally Championship.


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Inside the factory

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