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One of the key tasks in a top motorsport team is moving people, cars and equipment to the far reaches of the globe. Coordinating these complex travel arrangements as well as a whole host of other responsibilities that enable the smooth running of our team fall to the capable hands of our operations experts in Logistics.

The group of people behind all of our logistical operations for every WRC event, test and rollouts are exceptional organisers. Their work touches every other department at our headquarters in Alzenau on a daily basis.

In motorsport, plans can change at a moments notice and our Logistics team must be able to react quickly. Due to the nature of our work it is not possible to book many flights, hotels and confirm routes for freight months in advance.

With around 60 events including rallies, development testing and pre-event tests (PETs) to coordinate, our logistics operations must be regimented.

The Test Team always prefers to utilise roads within one day’s travel of Alzenau when they can, especially when it comes to developing new cars like our 2017 i20 Coupe WRC. If new parts need to be transferred to the test or a full rebuild is required, any time lost can be managed. These preferences are always taken into consideration for selecting roads for different types of tests.

Where specific conditions are needed for PETs, such as Spanish mountains to simulate Mexico or snow in Sweden, the trucks can drive up to three days each way. Our logistics colleagues who look after tests in particular do everything in their power to minimise travel and give our Rally Mechanics as much time as possible to prepare the cars. They also look after road closures, marshals and paramedics to ensure the successful running of each test.

From booking flights for up to 80 people for 13 WRC events through to organising driver and co-driver uniform, as well as understanding international customs, this team is trusted to take care of it all.

Once on site, logistics and team management are also integral to the details required to organise our team during a WRC rally. Recce and weather crews are located in different places to the service park. The information they collect is all relayed back to our dedicated Logistics personnel who analyse and collate it for the engineers and drivers.

Not only does this department help everyone get from A-to-B, they also form a vital part of our performance on the stages. Whether it is providing smooth, stress-free travel arrangements or coordinating crucial information needed about weather and road conditions, these colleagues are adept at it all.


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