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Machine Shop

When we set out to boost our in-house capabilities to support the expansion of Customer Racing as well as WRC activities, the Machine Shop is just one of the teams that grew. Connected to Design and the Workshop, they are able respond quickly to provide bespoke parts for our varied needs at Hyundai Motorsport.

The main focus for our Machine Shop team is the development or enhancement of prototype items. They also diligently produce small batches of parts by hand, typically up to a total of 50 items.

Our partner Hyundai WIA has helped by supplying equipment such as a CNC lathe, CNC moulding cutter and CNC mortise. With a 3D printer on hand as well, the team can rapidly produce prototypes of complicated parts overnight. The laser-driven tool is adaptable for detailed and innovative results.

No matter what the part is, precision and durability are two key aspects for performance. For this reason, we work with a number of different grade materials including high-strength aluminium, aerospace engineering steel and stainless steel among others. Each part is engraved with a laser marker to show its serial number, drawing number and production date for later reference.

As the Test Team is often trialing new parts alongside projects from Design, tweaks or new items must be considered against the most pressing requests needed for the next WRC event; a juggling act to ensure everything is delivered on time.

They can be asked to work on anything from small sockets to sensor brackets or spacers for steering wheels, through to prototype cylinder heads for the Engine Design department. Once a prototype is approved, it may be manufactured by one of our suppliers for larger quantities in coordination with the Purchase team.

Our mix of experienced and bright young minds in this department help to provide different perspectives in creative brainstorming and problem solving. Each person has high-level technical understanding and the ability to handle the complexity of each machine. Like all of our departments, they are resilient and committed to finding the best solutions possible – no matter how long it takes.

They say the start line for a rally does not wait for you, so you must be prepared. It is this mentality that drives our Machine Shop colleagues to produce precise work every day.


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