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Business Support

Hyundai Motorsport GmbH has evolved substantially since our company was established back in December 2012. With humble beginnings in an empty facility on the outskirts of Frankfurt in Germany, we are now a thriving motorsport team with WRC-winning credentials.

The work of our Business Support department has been integral in managing our company’s rapid growth. As we have increased in size, our BS colleagues ensure the entire infrastructure evolves with it, to allow us to continue operating at the optimum level.

Facility management is a key area, particularly when we added new departments, such as Customer Racing in 2016 or a second engine dyno in early 2017, and the responsibility for these facility upgrades rests with our BS team.

Staff support is another important aspect of the job, ensuring work safety is respected at all times. There is also a focus on workplace ergonomics to guarantee that our employees are well equipped: from providing desks, chairs, phones and office supplies all the way through to keeping the coffee supplies stocked up! They are also responsible for security and our reception, making sure calls get put through and post is delivered in a timely manner.

For an international rally team, the demand to provide an effective fleet of vehicles is high. Our BS team manages around 100 cars to cover team vehicles for tests and rallies, VIP guest shuttle cars with special designs, management and pool cars, as well as staff leasing opportunities. They make sure all cars are kept within contracted mileage as well as important details such as exchange of winter and summer tyres.

It is also their role to register all our fleet vehicles with the correct motoring authorities. All cars carry the number plate ALZ – H, which is the designated registration of any Hyundai Motorsport vehicle. The ALZ is even present on our WRC cars. So, whenever you see this during a rally weekend, you know our BS team back in Alzenau has registered that car.

The widespread responsibilities of our Business Support colleagues impact the work of our entire organisation.
It’s the people who make a working environment great, and that is true at Hyundai Motorsport. With a variety of ages, backgrounds and nationalities, we have a truly diverse and dedicated workforce.


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Inside the factory

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