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Debut tarmac test for our New Generation i20 R5 car

Testing continues for our New Generation i20 R5 car as we also take our first customer orders.

Testing continues for our New Generation i20 R5 car as we also take our first customer orders.

We have reached more milestones this week as we completed the first tarmac test of our New Generation i20 R5 in the south of France. Test & development driver Kevin Abbring initially added to our experience of the car on gravel before we adapted the set-up for tarmac.

The entire four-day test allowed us to evaluate the car’s cooling systems on the updated engine. The revised 1.6 direct injection turbo unit with regulation 32mm restrictor and five-speed gearbox now sits under a redesigned bonnet and front bumper.

During the first two days on the gravel at the Fontjoncouse test venue we assessed the chassis and suspension developments made since a test last month.

A taste of tarmac

A conversion to tarmac spec with larger brakes and different suspension settings then allowed us to spend two days testing the car on sealed tarmac roads.

“Starting tarmac tests with the i20 R5 is important,” commented Customer Project Senior Sales Associate Andrew Johns. “Customers need to rely on the car to be equally competitive on gravel and tarmac surfaces, so it is key we prepare for that as we increase reliability and performance.”

Strong customer interest

The test marks the end of a busy month in which we have also taken orders for two New Generation i20 R5 cars for a privately run Italian team.

“We’re really pleased to have such high interest in the R5 programme at this stage,” said Andrew. “It shows the excitement for a new manufacturer in the R5 category. To confirm orders is a reward for the work completed and a boost as the testing schedule fills up.”

Testing of the New Generation i20 R5 will now continue on a range of surfaces as the Customer Project team finalises the car for homologation in the summer.

“We have tests planned all across Europe,” confirmed Andrew, “to make sure we give our customers the best possible car when deliveries begin later in the year.”


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