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i20 R5 impresses in Paraguay

Victory in extremely challenging Transchaco Rally

Victory in extremely challenging Transchaco Rally

The hard work of our Customer Racing department has been rewarded with a significant victory for the i20 R5 in the gruelling Transchaco Rally in Paraguay.

The rally presents a unique challenge to R5-specification machinery, with the 2018 running covering nearly 900km over 25 demanding stages.

The Hyundai Paraguay supported crew of Diego Dominguez and Hector Nunes scored nine fastest stage times over the three-day even to take the win by over 90 seconds.

“We can only be judged on the results of our customers, so to have a victory in such an important event is a major success for everyone involved in the Hyundai i20 R5 project,” said our Customer Racing Deputy General Manager Andrea Adamo.

Tougher than the rest

“The Transchaco Rally is more demanding on the reliability of every part of the chassis than the more ‘normal’ rallies our customers see elsewhere. To have a win there proves the capability of the package in some of the toughest conditions that an R5 car can face.”

In a rally where each day is twice as long as other competitions, the Transcacho Rally is a formidable challenge for crew and machinery.

“It is an all-round test of reliability, a real endurance event, which most R5-specification cars are not well suited to – or at least take many years to adapt to – so to have the Hyundai i20 R5 take victory on its first start is huge accomplishment,” added our Customer Racing Senior Sales Associate Andrew Johns.

Home and away

“The nature of the Transchaco Rally made it a major undertaking for both the team in Paraguay, and our staff in the Customer Racing department to support them,” he added.

“Because of the demands of the event we had to deal with a large volume of spare parts orders as they prepared the car for the rally. Of course, though the team are in South America we still had to be able to send the parts efficiently, which demanded extra attention from our sales department in Alzenau.”

This victory acts as an important benchmark for the offering of our Customer Racing department, something that makes Andrea particularly proud. “In successfully supporting our Paraguayan customers to compete on the Transchaco Rally we proved we can meet the demands of our customers for any event in a very efficient manner, and it is this service that all our customers can rely upon.”


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