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Performance boosts for i20 R5

Latest updates revealed for 2020 season

Latest updates revealed for 2020 season

Our championship-winning i20 R5 has received a number of updates for the 2020 season, which will offer our customers even greater performance on the world’s rally stages.

The i20 R5 ’20 will carry forward the core of the car that has taken titles and victories across Europe. In its new iteration, the car will also feature new dampers in both tarmac and gravel configurations, offering improved balance and handling.

Together with an updated steering system the changes to the chassis will give drivers added confidence in the car, and a more responsive package in all conditions.

Other significant changes are focused on the 1.6 litre, turbocharged engine. New pistons and liners will help boost the output to around 290hp. This increase in power, together with a step up in torque, can be felt throughout the power band in each of the five gears in the sequential gearbox.

“The R5 category is incredibly competitive, and in order to keep our customers at the front of rally championships around the world we need to almost continuously develop the package that we offer to our customers,” said our Customer Racing Senior Sales Associate Andrew Johns.

A tested development

The improvement in performance was confirmed in recent trials, which included extensive running on a number of stages on both loose and sealed surfaces. Further tests will help to fine tune the changes before the new parts are homologated for the start of the 2020 season.

Externally the car can be differentiated from the previous versions by redesigned door mirrors and a re-profiled roof-scoop to improve airflow to the driver and co-driver, while the gearbox and brakes will also benefit from improved cooling ducts.

The new parts will be fitted as standard to cars delivered by our Customer Racing department from the start of 2020, while also being available as a kit for existing customers to update their machines and enjoy the improved performance on offer.

“The i20 R5 ‘20 represents the largest single upgrade to the car since it was revealed at the end of 2016,” added Andrew. “The first tests we have completed show a good increase in performance, and the feedback from our drivers on the handling and balance has been very positive. We will continue to work to finalise the exact specifications of the new parts, but I am already confident that the updates will make the i20 R5 ‘20 a very strong contender for national and international rallying.”


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