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Purchase Department

From air filters to zebra livery vinyl, our Purchase Department stocks every area of our fast-paced organisation with the things we need to keep our crews and customers moving around the world.

Each person has a dedicated area and is a specialist on the parts, materials, tools and consumables required by our different departments. That could be engine, suspension, steering, brakes, electronics, composite, body shop, machine shop and more. A technical background is essential to help get the right items, the first time.

Like a well-oiled production line, the team monitors and progresses each part of the process. Everything is tracked using powerful software with an approval workflow. Since running a WRC team and growing customer business can understandably become costly, we use tiered approvals for procurement.

Department requests include detail of what they want, how much they need and by what date, as well as budget allocation. These particulars are all tracked internally and the experienced Purchasers identify the best price and supplier to fulfil the order.

Once the team ensures orders will be provided within the deadline, the Workshop Stores receive them directly to Alzenau. If needed, they are then first checked by Quality Control. This is recorded in the system, signalling to other areas of administration such as Finance that everything has been delivered as expected and the full order cycle is complete. These balances and controls guarantee everything runs smoothly throughout the organisation.

When it comes to developing new parts for the cars, such as in coordination with Engine Design, the skilful team dedicates time to looking at the designs in order to select a fitting supplier according to the specifications required. Not every supplier is capable of complying with the narrow tolerances needed in critical parts to power our rally-winning Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC. Blueprints with practical classifications for each section show very challenging or high demand pieces requiring specialist providers.

Each team member in the department develops a good working relationship with their suppliers. Occasionally an urgent turnaround is required, and our trusted technical partners will helpfully make exceptions in their production timeline to get items to us quickly. With our multinational headquarters and suppliers throughout the world, our team are also often working in multiple different languages.

Outside factors can restrict our ability to order new parts and materials. A European summer shut down or Christmas holidays can push lead times from less than 1-2 weeks to up to six weeks. Given tight WRC schedules and our increasing Customer Racing and TCR activities, our Purchase team colleagues undertake very careful planning and consideration so delays are kept to an absolute minimum.


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