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Quality Control

All of our colleagues have high attention to detail across the company, but final approval at the end of the day lies with the team behind Quality Control. For our needs in the WRC, it is a very technical and specialist role that falls on their shoulders.

The Quality Control team are connected to almost every area of the Hyundai Motorsport organisation. In just one month, over 2,000 parts can be validated following the sampling checking plans and deemed fit to pass our high standards.

Depending on the complexity of the item, some will only require visual checks, weight and dimension references. Car shells built by our in-house Body Shop on the other hand require precision. It can take a few hours to check the 3D model and assembly points for everything from the engine to suspension uprights.

There are different investigations that the team performs on parts supplied from external contractors to ensure they can be fit for the final assembly of our top-flight i20 Coupe WRC cars. Everyone in this team is very experienced with all material types we use.

FIA homologation is strict and without stringent internal checks to line up every part with the appropriate paperwork, it is possible to be penalised on event.

This is why the team has a very close working relationship with the Design Office, who briefs them on the most critical characteristics of parts. Our control technicians use these to guarantee suppliers have respected the final product design.

All parts on our i20 Coupe WRC cars need to perform well. Their overall durability and reliability is largely due to the checks performed by the Quality Control department.

With a well-equipped in-house laboratory, the team examines material composition, hardness, strength and more right down to 15 microns. Motorsport technology is always evolving and the recent introduction of 3D scanning has given the team an extra tool in their analysis arsenal.

When personnel from Purchase visit prospective suppliers, our quality specialists often go to assess processing and systems to see if they are able to deliver world rally-class materials. In addition, communication is important to so that everyone is aligned towards the same goals.

Once a car is homologated by the FIA for a new season, suppliers are fixed and our Quality Control colleagues’ attention shifts to optimise delivery and performance. Their laser-like focus is just another way our different departments contribute to success on the stages.


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